"Over the years, I have been treated by a variety of doctors, without any lasting improvement. Stephen impressed me from my first appointment. He was able to diagnose my back problem and explain it to me clearly. I have so much confidence in his skill and knowledge that I am travelling from abroad to enable me to benefit from a series of appointments."
Mrs Dobson

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Low Back Pain Treatment And Osteopathy

What Others Say...

  • Tanya Rylance (Sept 2013)
    "I was extremely pleased with my treatment and still find it hard to believe I am pain free after only 2 sessions as I am normally skeptical about using this type of therapy as I have received physiotherapy in the past for back pain which unfortunately didn’t help. My friend (who is a Doctor) recommended that I see an osteopath and it was due to her advice that I made an appointment and to be honest this was also my last resort but I was in so much pain that I would have tried anything. I would highly recommend Michael and would not hesitate to go back to him again should I ever have any further issues with back pain."
    Tanya Rylance (Sept 2013)
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