How to Get Relief For Your Headache

The focus on this blog is on how to get relief for your Headache. Here at Leeds Complementary Osteopaths we regularly see patients with recurring headaches. I hope that this blog will help with advice and explain how Osteopathy can work for you.

What Causes Headaches?
Woman suffering from headache
The causes of headaches are multiple:
e.g. Postural Tension; Whiplash Injury
e.g. Stress; Fatigue
e.g. More common in women in timing with their menstrual cycle; endorphin related.
e.g. Changes in pressure; Noise; Bright Lights.
e.g. Chemical or Drug induced; Over medication Headache.

Each of the above Causes needs to be considered and then treated. The headache itself comes pain sensitive structures rather than from the brain itself. These can include the meninges of the brain, blood vessels, cranial nerves and the muscles/soft tissues of the face, head and neck. The postural effect of headache is to cause tension around the neck and thoracic spines.

How Does Osteopathic Treatment Help Alleviate a Headache?

Osteopathic Treatment of a HeadacheOur job as your osteopath is to take a full Case History and try to find the triggers for your specific type of headache. We will give you advice on how to manage and help eliminate your headache. We will give advice on when osteopathic treatment would be most beneficial as a timely intervention to abort headache symptoms.

Leeds Complementary Osteopaths techniques to help patients suffering from headaches:

Soft Tissue Massage: this is vital to diminish tension causing/being caused by headaches. Soft tissue massage of the paraspinal muscles, jaw muscles will all help decrease the muscle spasm of tension headaches.

Joint Manipulation: this can be done with manipulative techniques or gentle articulation techniques to encourage joint release and movement. We will work to encourage spinal function in the mid spine and the neck.

Cranial Osteopathy: using Sutherland techniques we can improve sinus function and release pressure at the OA (occipito-atlanto joint) at the base of the skull. Good for all headaches including Migraine.

After taking the Case History the most appropriate techniques for you as an individual are chosen taking into account your full history and type of headache.
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