Meet Victoria Fowler at Leeds Complementary

Victoria Fowler is our Reiki Practitioner at Leeds Complementary who loves helping all people but particularly stressed mums

Reiki works because we are spiritual beings. It never causes harm and always works for your highest good.

Victoria Fowler Reiki Practitioner at Leeds Complementary

Meet Victoria Fowler

Victoria’s Reiki Practise is called Wellness Holistics, who are listen on Reiki Pages and post regularly on Instagram.

Victoria has experienced the many positive changes and learning challenges that Reiki has brought to her life over the last 14 years.  

Victoria has been attuned from Reiki I to III Reiki Master level and has sound knowledge about how Reiki helps with personal development and the profound changes this can bring to our lives.

She has a keen interest in spiritual learning and development and loves reading about spiritual awareness, Soul, mediumship and reincarnation as well as self help and self development books.

Find Relief
From Pain

 Reiki is a gentle form of spiritual energy, that works with you towards your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Reiki also helps by enabling you to reconnect with your true self as a Soul and to understand yourself as a spiritual being. It can therefore help immeasurably with your life path and journey.


A Reiki session lasts 40-45 minutes and involves you lying comfortably and fully clothed, on a treatment couch with cosy blankets and pillows. The practitioner pauses at each Chakra, placing their hands on or over each Chakra point, allowing the energy to flow through them, to you, the recipient, bringing healing and health to where it is needed.


Reiki is a gentle and intuitive energy. It is full of love, light and always works for your highest good.

Are you ready to experience the difference that our holistic approach can make in your life?

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