Expectant Mothers at Leeds Complementary

Here at Leeds Complementary, we’ve been proudly helping the people of Leeds with back pain in pregnancy.  Learn more about how Osteopathy can help you.

How can we help expectant Mothers?

Pregnancy is a massive, momentous experience. During this time the body experiences enormous changes. Not only the the increases in weight from the baby, placenta and waters but also from the hormonal changes e.g. the increases in elasticity of the ligaments throughout the body.
As a result of this the body is more susceptible to mechanical imbalances occurring and as a result these can lead to discomfort and pain. Some of the problems Osteopathy can help with.
Low back, neck, shoulder, wrist and leg pain, are all common symptoms throughout pregnancy.
As the body accommodates and changes to the added weight and size its posture may change leading to imbalances in the mechanics of the body. Osteopathy can help in accommodating the body to these changes and rebalancing the body so as to decrease the pain felt. Look after your back during pregnancy, due to the softening of the ligaments during pregnancy

Tips for Expectant Mothers

The back is a lot more mobile and consequently more vulnerable to any stresses and strains you may put it through. Therefore think carefully about how you lift, try to bend your knees when lifting and try not to lift and twist at the same time.
when standing for a while tuck your bottom in to reduce the pressure on the lower spine. When sitting down place a small cushion in your back for added support and try to avoid crossing your legs, if you find this hard to do try crossing your ankles as this puts less strain on then crossing your legs completely. This is good advice for everybody.
When lying down, if you lie on your side place a pillow under your bump and between your knees, this decreases strain on your pelvis. If you lie on your back place pillow s under your knees to keep them bent.
Make sure that all the equipment you use is on the correct level for you. A tip when buying a pram is note if the pram in the shop is raised up. Parents frequently test a pram in a shop thinking it is the right level for them until they get it home and then realise it had been raised up in the shop.
Try to keep as active as possible during pregnancy. Wall tall pushing your head up as if suspended by a string and do not all your lower back to slump into a hollow position. Sitting in soft chairs encourages the baby to slip into the back to back position, to discourage this try to sit with your bottom into the back of the chair with the lower back supported.
The best way is actually to sit on a foam wedge or on a seat that tilts forwards, this actively encourages the baby to lie correctly. If your baby is lying in a breech position or back to back position try spending some time each day in the all fours position as this can sometimes help it to turn.

If at all you’re unsure how Osteopathy can help you, give us a call!

What can I expect?

Is Osteopathy safe during pregnancy? Osteopaths are highly skilled practitioners with a minimum of four years training. Gentle osteopathic techniques are very beneficial and perfectly safe in all stages of pregnancy.


With Osteopathy, you can expect improved functionality leading to a decrease in pain

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