Find out about Leeds Complementary Osteopaths and current team members lead by Nicola Sell


Nicola Sell

0113 2745126

Nicola has been in private practice since graduating from the European School of Osteopathy in 1991. She then spent the first year of her practice in Bedfordshire before moving up to Leeds to work at Leeds Complementary Therapy Centre. Nicola took over managing the Leeds Complementary Therapy centre in 1997 and it continues to grow and prosper.
Nicola says she treats every patient as an individual and has a wide variety of treatments at her disposal and has a special interest in cranial osteopathy which is of particular use in treating babies but can be used for a wide range of other conditions as well.
She is a keen sportswoman with Badminton being her passion and completed a masters in sports and exercise science in 1999. She also tries to find the time to play the occasional round of golf and a game of squash. Consequently she understands the stresses and strains that sports put on the body and enjoys unravelling the issues, particularly the golfers who will come back and say they have gained 20 yards on their drive!

Michael Robson

0113 2745126

I was introduced to the positive aspects of Osteopathy after sustaining many injuries whilst playing County Badminton. I soon realised that the holistic treatment of the whole body not only speeded up my recovery from injury, but more importantly prevented further injuries. The success of the treatment, and speed of my recovery, initiated my interest in this profession.
Since graduating from university, where I treated a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, I have enrolled on many courses, such as kinesio taping and acupuncture to introduce a diversity of treatments. I have recently completed my KT2 (advanced) course in Kinesio taping, which can be used to help improve the function of muscles, joints, fascia and circulatory/lymphatic system.
Presently, I work with podiatrists, physiotherapists, sports therapists and foot surgeons as well as liaising with G.P.s, dietitian and dentists within my family, to exchange and update information.
My aim is to keep patients as healthy, mobile and as pain free as possible; using a variety of hands on techniques, including soft tissue work, articulation, muscle energy techniques and manipulation; as well as taping and stretching/strengthening exercises at home to help maintain your health. I am originally from Sunderland and support the football team religiously. In my spare time I like to try and keep fit by cycling, running and going to the gym.
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